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The external FASTRACK modem delivers all the power of WISMO® technology in one unit, giving your application instant wireless capabilities. Because the FASTRACK modem is fully type-approved, it can dramatically speed your time to market. Housed in a rugged metallic casing, the FASTRACK modem is built to withstand the toughest environments. Just attach it to your application, and it is GSM/ GPRS enabled. With its proven WISMO technology, the FASTRACK modem can be relied on for enduring performance.

Wavecom’ s rugged, discrete Fastrack GSM/ GPRS modem has proven itslesf for stable, reliable performance on wireless networks worldwide for more than five years. Updated with new features, the now legendary Fastrack continues to deliver rapid time to market and painless integration for machine-to-machine applications.
Housed in a rugged metallic casing, 25 mm shorter than the previous version, the Fastrack M1306B now offerstwo general purpose input/ output access point, which can be multiplexed with an 12C bus to connect peripherals. In addition, the new serial auto shut down feature enables a programmable energy conservation mode especially valuable for battery-powered applications.
Fully certified, the dual-band 900/ 1800 MHz Fastrack M1306B offers GPRS Class 10 capability, supports Open AT and IT protocols such as IP connectivity.

Add wireless to existing applications
Such as remote control and monitoring, fleet management and others.
Reduce extra components
By embedding your application right on the Wavecom platform with open AT.
Save Time
Thanks to a fully integrated, fully certified wireless solution.
Get connected
And benefit from wireless services: GSM/ GPRS data, SMS and voice via a simple serial connection.

Dual Band GSM Modem ( EGSM900/ 1800 MHz) designed for data, fax, SMS and voice applications
Fully Type Approved
Fully compliant with ETSI GSM Phase 2 + Small MS
Output power:
Class 4 ( 2W @ 900 MHz)
Class 1 ( 1W @ 1800 MHz)
Power supply
Input voltage: 5V-32V
• 5mA in idle mode, 140mA in communication GSM 900 @ 12V
• 5mA in idle mode, 100mA in communication GSM 1800 @ 12V
• Peak 1, 7A @ 5.5V
Overall dimensions: 73 x 54 x 25 mm
Weight: 82 g

Voice features:
• Telephony
• Emergency calls
• Full Rate, Enchanced Full Rate and Half Rate ( FR/ EFR/ HR)
• Dual Tone Multi Frequency Function ( DTMF)
GSM Data/ Fax features:
• Data circuit asynchronous, transparent and non transparent up to 14, 400 bits/ s
• Automatic fax group 3 ( Class 1 and Class 2)
• MNP2, V.42bis
GPRS packet Data features:
• GPRS Class 10, PBCCH support Coding schemes: CS1 to CS4 Compiant with SMG31bis
• Embedded TCP/ IP stack
Short Messages Services features:
• Text and PDU
• Point to point ( MT/ MO)
• Cell Broadcast

• Call Forwarding
• Call Baring
• Multiparty
• Call Waiting and Call Hold
• Calling Line Identity
• Advice of Charge
• Closed User Group
• Explisit Call Transfer

• Advanced Open Software Platform: MUSE Platform Open AT
• Fixed Dialling Number
• SIM Toolkit Class 2
• SIM, network and service provider locks
• Real Time Clock
• Alarm management
• Software upgrade through Xmodem protocol
• UCS2 character set management

RS-232 and audio through mini sub-D 15-pin connector supporting:
- Serial link autoshutdown controlled by software ( AT)
- Baud rate
- Autobauding
AT commands interface:
• GSM 07.05 and 07.07 AT commands
• Comprehensive set of enchanced AT commands
Open AT APIs:
• Numerous interfaces for embedded applications
• 2x GPIOs/ I2C ( multiplexed) + power supply through micro-FIT 4-pin connector
• SMA antenna connector
• Sliding SIM holder ( 3V SIM interface)
The M1306B is approved worlwide under test standards including; Radio and Telecommunication Terminal Equipment ( R& TTE) , Global Certification Forum – Certification Criteria ( GCF-CC) , EMC, Safety and Chines approvals.

• User guide
• Power supply cable
• Y-cable for data and audio connection ( optional)
• Fixing equipment
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